The Art of the Dance

Blog Post #170

The other day my post for the day was all about different choreographies of the song, Uptown Funk. I thought it would be fun to continue the thread and share some other dance videos that I found on YouTube.

Have you watched any of Sia’s music videos? Her songs are amazing and her music videos are stunning (and sometimes controversial) with breathtaking and thought provoking dance movements.

Her widely acclaimed video Chandelier was nominated for several awards and won the 2014 MTV Video Music Award for Best Choreography. The video featured the incredible talents of 11 year old Maddie Ziegler, who Sia discovered on the TV reality show, Dance Moms.

Sia’s video, Elastic Heart, is an example of her powerful imagery coupled with beautiful music and again features Maddie along with Shia LaBoeuf (who is actually a very strong dancer). This production unleashed an outcry throughout social media channels resulting in the artist issuing an apology for offending some people. Sia also published “The Story of Elastic Heart” that describes the making of the video, with insights from the key people who worked on the production.

Big Girls Cry, produced in 2015, is the third song in Sia’s triology and also features Maddie Ziegler. In this video, Maddie faces the camera in front of a black background and displays an array of emotions using only facial expressions and hand movements.

I find these works intriguing, compelling and beautiful in both the music, vocals, dance and choreography. I’m not sure that I understand everything that is going on in these pieces — but I definitely feel awed by how it all comes together. I believe that the artists in these videos are incredibly gifted.

What do you think about Sia’s work? Provocative? Offensive? Is it art? How does it make you feel? Tell me, I’d love to know.


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