A Stroll Down Memory Lane — TBT

Blog Post #167

I was leafing through some old photo albums the other day. Looking at pictures of my girls when they were babies, toddlers and school children.

That brought back so many lovely memories — moments of joy, laughter and yes, even, tears. They are both young adults now, so there are a lot of family stories and favourite events that come to mind.

I was reminded of the  Christmas when Bailey got Ernie and Bert dolls from Santa. They were her favourite characters from the kids’ show Sesame Street. She loved them both, but Bert was definitely Number One, She would happily share Ernie with anyone — but no one was allowed to play with Bert — he was hers alone.


I had almost forgotten how much Brynne loved the swings in the playground — she would grin from ear to ear when she was swinging back and forth, but the tears would start the minute we tried to take her out of the seat — that kid LOVED the swings (still does as far as I know!)


I was deep into nostalgia as I peered over every photo in the book — it was pleasant way to spend a bit of time remembering my daughters when they were young. I miss those days a little.

Just as I picked up one last album, a photo slipped out from between the pages. It was an old, grainy, black and white photo of me! I looked to be around 2 years old and I’m laughing at the funny antics of a puppy that I see in the distance. I’m holding a ball in my hand. Of course, I don’t remember that at all, but I recall my mother telling me the story. When I look at this photo, I can almost envision that silly puppy!


My daughters love to go through our family photographs. Every so often, when we are all together, we drag out all  albums and look at them while remembering and retelling the stories. We each add our remembrances and fill in the blanks as we point out where we were at that moment — describing the scene in detail. These are the stories of our lives, who we are and what we mean to each other. Every photo has a tale to tell and we never tire of hearing them over again.

Those albums — they are a testament to our family— to love, laughter and life.






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