It’s Monday — Inspire Me

Blog Post #165

Who inspires you?

Are you moved to do more, and be more by the actions of someone you admire?

What about you — are you an inspiration to others? What makes a person inspiring?

Hands and a Rose

You don’t need to be a super hero to influence and motivate those around you — think about these 5 actions that will help you make a positive difference in someone’s life.

Be kind and caring. Showing the people around you that you genuinely care about them and acting with kindness everyday can make their day. When people are treated with care and kindness they are inspired to do the same.

Be enthusiastic. A zest for life is infectious — people are more likely to feel good and happy when they are around someone who is joyful and shows it

Try to catch someone doing something good! Develop the habit of building people up, not tearing them down. Commenting on positive actions and behaviours instead of criticizing builds up confidence and inspires others to be positive too.

Acknowledge and take responsibility for your own errors and missteps. Everyone makes mistakes — the key is to be honest and admit them.

Hone your listening skills. Pay attention when people are confiding in you. Make eye contact and restate what they have told you. Ask follow-up questions to let them know you have heard and understood what they said.





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