10 Ways to Help You Feel Happier

25 Sep

Blog Post #164

Everyone wants to be happy — we’re all searching for that elusive emotion. Just look at the self-help section of your favourite bookstore — there are any number of “manuals” on happiness and how to attain it. Try a google search using the phrase “how to be happy” and you will come up with around 319,000,000 hits!

After reading various lists and articles, I found some common ideas, thoughts, and principles on achieving happiness. I must confess that I did not look at all 319,000 them — but I’ve listed ten of those concepts that resonated most strongly with me.

What are some of the ways that help you feel happiness?

Live in the Moment image

Practice humility

Smile genuinely

Listen intently

Express gratitude

Forgive wholeheartedly

Foster acceptance

Give generously

Live in the moment

Spread kindness everywhere

Love unconditionally







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