This is Us

Blog Post #162

I just finished watching the pilot of the new NBC show, This is Us.

I had recorded it on the premiere night — I wasn’t too sure that I wanted to watch it — the trailers piqued my interest, but I wasn’t sure if it would be worth watching. I don’t trust trailers all that much. They can be misleading. I decided to record the program so I could watch it when I had some spare time and I hoped that I would like it.

I’m still wiping the tears from my eyes.

The show was great — at least, the pilot was amazing! It was more than I expected — the writing was solid, the characters were genuine and their stories felt true. (The show earned a “fresh tomato” from critics with a rating of 91% on the tomatometer. I’m with them. )

This ensemble drama is filled with moments that run the gamut of human emotions —  heartwarming, heart breaking, funny and brutally honest. The strong performances from every cast member adds a depth to this story, making the narrative emotionally impactful without being overly saccharine or cheesy.

And the twist! I did not see it coming — I love when that happens! I’m hooked!

Did you catch the show? What did you think?

If you haven’t seen the show — give it a try. If you enjoy dramas that you can relate to with impressive, likeable characters and compelling stories, you may love this show.  This is us.


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