It’s Time For Lunch — Give Me Something Good to Eat

Blog Post #144

I’m thinking about lunch right now! Yep, it’s way past dinner, but I am imagining my lunch for tomorrow!

Like: “What’s in my fridge that would make a nourishing and satisfying meal to take to work?” Sure, there is leftover pizza from dinner — but that isn’t appealing to me at the moment. I’m thinking of something fresh, vegetarian, crunchy, green and YUMMY!

So, what kind of a dish can satisfy those requirements? I know that I have quinoa in my cupboard (appealing because it is delicious AND it is easy and fast to prepare), also in my pantry are some cans of  chickpeas/lentils/and black beans. I have carrots, red cabbage, tomatoes, mini sweet bell peppers and an avocado in my fridge and a bit of hummus.

Hmm— sounds like a Buddha Bowl to me! Or maybe… I’ll just have a tuna sandwich!!




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