Zen and the Art of Marinara (and Haiku)

Blog Post #138

There’s nothing like a bowl of spaghetti to lift your mood on a grey, drizzly afternoon. And it’s Tuesday, a good enough reason to make a pasta dinner.

I love the simple act of dicing onions, mincing garlic then sautéing them. Doesn’t the fragrant aroma of frying onions and garlic get your mouth watering? Chopping the tomatoes, the parsley and adding them, along with a splash (or two) of wine to the pan is almost like a meditation. The act of cooking is soothing, a relief from the tensions of a hectic day. While the pasta cooks and the marinara sauce simmers — the kitchen is filled with the delicious smells of Italy — I have time to pour myself another glass of wine — the atmosphere is zenlike.

An uncomplicated, straightforward meal — pasta with marinara sauce filling, satisfying, nourishing — a comfort food, made to fill the belly and soothe the soul.


I wanted to post a photo of my dinner — but I was much too hungry to take the time to find my phone and snap a pic. The image of the bowl of spaghetti is from unsplash and I think, will serve as a lovely illustration of my delicious food!


I didn’t forget that it’s Haikuesday! I hope you enjoy this week’s short poem. (Just remember, I am NOT a poet!!)

Marinara sauce
simmering on the stovetop
a watched pot won’t boil


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