A Citrus Squeezer and a Wire Whisk Make a Unique Blog Post

29 Aug

Blog Post #137

Aaaaargh!!! No one told me how difficult it would be to come up with a blog post EVERY DAY! I’m pretty sure that if I had thought it through even a little, I would NOT have attempted it.

I was racking my brain to come up with an idea for today’s post — but I wasn’t having any luck — my mind was a complete blank! Then, Eureka! I remembered that I had “pinned” many posts and articles titled “45, 5075, 135 Fantastic Blog Post Ideas When You Have Absolutely No Clue What to Write” on my Pinterest board, “Blogosphere”. Surely, one of those will have a great idea for my next post.

30 Unique Blog Post Ideas had quite a few titles that intrigued me. I chose Number 13 — Essential Kitchen Gadgets.

Interesting, no? I liked this idea because it WAS unique. Trust me, I have looked at tons of articles and found that most of the ideas presented are pretty much all the same — but these thirty suggestions were new to me.

I considered the gadgets in my kitchen and found two that I believe are essential (at least they survived the great Purge of my 30-Day Minimalism Game!)

Two of the thingamabobs in my kitchen right now that I love, are my citrus squeezer and my little wire whisk.

Citrus Squeezer and a Wire Whisk

I bought the citrus squeezer at the dollar store — I use it for juicing lemons and limes — it works like a dream. The whisk came from Pampered Chef, I probably paid too much for it (you know, it’s Pampered Chef!) but it was definitely worth it. I use it to whisk white sauces, homemade salad dressing, cornstarch or flour for thickening agents — whatever needs a brisk stir, this little gizmo does the trick!

What are your favourite kitchen gadgets??



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