A Little More Kindness

22 Aug

Blog Post #131

Did you know that performing acts of kindness not only makes other feel good, but helps you feel good as well? Studies have shown that people who volunteer or are otherwise engaged in doing “good”, live longer, are healthier and feel happier.

Need a few tips on ramping up your random acts of kindness? Try these five RAOKs — one or more of them might just be your favourite thing to do!


Buy a bouquet of flowers and give them to the receptionist at your office or other office that you visit. A receptionist deals with all kinds of stresses during the day — your gift might just make his/her day.

Got some spare time? Why not volunteer at a seniors’ home or community recreation centre — an opportunity to make a positive difference in someone’s life and a boost of “feel good” for you.

sleeping girl

Offer to babysit for a neighbour or someone you know who has small children. A night out for dinner and a movie is always fun, and would certainly be a welcome kindness for harried parents.

Finished that paperback you bought last week at the bookstore? Leave it somewhere in a public place with a note to enjoy the read, tucked inside.

Bake a batch of healthy cookies and take them to your children’s school for the teachers and staff to enjoy.


Bonus Tip: Be kind to yourself — remind yourself that you are AWESOME!



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