Olympic Gold

Blog Post #130

The 2016 Olympics have come to a close. As I have previously mentioned, I am not a big fan of the Olympic Games — and I did not watch any sports coverage of the two weeks in Rio.

empty seats

But, hey, I read the news, and I did hear stories about the Olympics in Rio that illustrated that true sportsmanship does still exist in the world of competitive sports. I’m just going to ignore the reports of the scandals that occurred — and focus on the positive news, the stories that exemplify the ethos of the games.

Everyone has heard about runners, American Abbey D’Agostino and New Zealander, Nikki Hamblin and their upsetting collision. The two athletes helped and encouraged each other to finish the qualifying heat of the women’s 5000 metres. Because of their display of true Olympic spirit, the officials awarded each of them a place in the finals.


Great Britain’s Andy Murray won gold at the Olympics Men’s Single tennis match. Murray, a self-proclaimed feminist gave the best response to a question by a BBC reporter about his feelings upon becoming the first person ever to win two Olympic Gold tennis medals. Wait, what about Venus and Serena Williams?


Remember, Yusra Mardini? She is the 18 year old Syrian refugee that was offered a spot on the first ever Olympian Refugee Team — the 18 year old who saved more than a dozen people by pushing a dinghy full of people fleeing Syria via Turkey by sea to Greece. Yusra won her heat in the qualifying race and while she didn’t win a medal, her spirit and determination has carried her a long way. She will have another chance for an Olympic medal when she swims in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.




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