8 More Things That Make Me Happy!

18 Aug

Blog Post #128

Another week has gone by, and I have been diligent about taking a “happy” photo every day. When I was putting the collage together for this post, I realized, again, how fortunate I am.

With every photo that I take, I am reminded that I am surrounded by abundance, beauty, and love. I see that I have more than I need in my life — and I am filled with gratitude. How lucky am I?

I have a roof over my head, clothes on my back (and in my closet), more than enough food on my table, friends, and loved ones. I live in a country that is not only beautiful, but is also a place where I have many freedoms and the ability to enjoy them. Not that my life is perfect — there are things that make me sad, frustrated and angry — but with each day’s image, I can see that my problems are small and my joys are huge.

This project has brought — is bringing me — a renewed appreciation for my life and everything that it holds. With every new photo, I can see that more clearly and any minor irritations, small hurts, and selfish desires are insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

I love my life!

101 Days of Happiness




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