Walk Around the Block

Blog Post #125

Oops! I’ve been looking through some of my past posts — there is more there than I thought and it is interesting to read some of my past ramblings.

However one post, in particular, caught my attention. Getting Fit from July, 2013 threw me for a loop and gave me a bit of a shock as well.

Soon I’ll be able to do this!! Right?!


In this post, I lament the fact that I am not the svelte, 5’9” vision that I sometimes like to think I am. Instead, I have gained a little a lot of weight — from inactivity and too many sugary treats. The thing that threw me for a loop is that I promised myself that I would continue to do my “mini workout” in the morning and add in more movement throughout my day by walking more and devising a nightly yoga regime.

Mini workout? Daily walks? Nightly yoga?

What happened?

There is no nightly yoga — no daily walks — and I don’t even recall my mini workout regime!

walking shoes

Sooo… I am going to resurrect this exercise thing. I think I will take it easy though and start slow. I plan to go for a vigorous walk Thursday to Saturday mornings even if it is only around the block. I will take frequent, quick breaks from my computer at work throughout the day from Monday to Wednesday.

I’ll think about the mini morning workout, but I definitely want to come up with a yoga plan. Yoga makes me feel great — why did I stop practicing, again?

Hopefully, I will be able to make this a habit, one that will help me be healthy and active. Keep your fingers crossed!

Do you have an exercise routine?






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