101 Days of Happiness

Blog #120

So, I’ve been participating in an online happiness project — 101 Days of Happiness. The objective is to post a daily photo of something that makes you happy. Every day for 101 days! My friend, Dani, encouraged me to join in and for the last 8 days, I have posted a photo on my Instagram account and also my FB page. I am not sure where this project originated — Dani heard about it from another friend of hers — but I did do a little searching and found a similar exercise called 100 Happy Days. I did come across some blogs, websites, and other social media about 101 days of happiness, but I couldn’t determine where the actual project started — but someone, somewhere did, and now I’m in!

The first eight days has been fun and illuminating. I’m more aware of choosing happiness everyday and I am looking at my world more closely. Trying to capture those moments during my day when I feel that surge of warmth that comes from joy and gratitude. I’m finding that there are a lot of moments in every day that make me smile — the hardest part is taking the photo! It’s a great project!

Eight Days of Happiness

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