Smile, You’re on Instagram

Blog Post #118

Back in May, I wrote about Instagram and how I was a bit unsure of the whole platform.

Well, it’s been almost three months now and things have changed somewhat. I definitely post more photos — and while I am not much better at photography than before, I do have a new phone (Samsung Galaxy S6) which takes great photos!

I’m getting used to posting pics and I’m actually getting the hang of hashtags (or at least I THINK I’m getting the hang of them!!) #ilovehashtags #iknowhowtousethem #arenticlever #whatsahashtag


It seems to me that the photos that people like the most — at least those that see my photos — are pictures of animals, food, and nature. Oh, and of course, celebrities! (I don’t post photos of celebrities — because I don’t run into many famous people — Misha Collins, where do you hang out when you’re in Vancouver??)

Anyway, I do find it interesting to see what kinds of photos people like to see, and I have to admit that I do post a lot of kitty pics (I have 2 cats), food pics (especially pics of delicious food I am about to eat!) and nature (these are the easiest ones, after all, I live in SuperNatural BC — there are fabulous scenic views all around me, every day!)


There are so many fantastic people to follow on Instagram and I love to find new accounts to track.

Here are some of the newest people that I keep tabs on — you might like them, too!

Vancouver is Awesome  — they post the best photos of Vancouver, BC. If you post your own awesome pics of the “jewel of the Pacific”, you might just find your pics featured on VIA. (Don’t forget to tag them with #vancouverisawesome)

Room Porn — posts gorgeous photos of home interiors, exteriors and architecture, too.

Kin’s Market — a mouth-watering collection of fresh fruit and veggie photos

Vancouver Art Gallery — the largest art museum in Western Canada is on Instagram!

Gedun Wangchuk, a Tibetan Buddhist monk posts serene, tranquil photos. Check out this account to get that peaceful, easy feeling.

And one of my very favourites: Humans of New York  — photos of every day people who walk the streets of New York city. HONY’s website is worth a look see too.

What Instagram accounts do you follow?



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