The Tooth of the Lion

Blog Post #117

Do you like dandelions? Or are you one of the people who considers them to be an insidious weed that you MUST get rid of?

I love dandelions — their big, bright blooms shout out “joy”, the brilliant yellow faces smiling a greeting to all that go past. I’m really not a “lawn” person, I prefer my yard to be devoid of grass and filled instead with a variety of plants such as ornamental grasses, low shrubs, and pretty trees along with large rocks, benches and water features interspersed throughout. I wouldn’t mind the sunny Dandelion invading my lawn.


Dandelions are more than pretty blooms — they are nutrient rich and you can eat the entire plant — flowers, leaves, stems and roots! Dandelions have been used for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years and you can even make tea and a coffee-like drink from this versatile plant.  Dandelions can absorb pollutants so it is important to remember to harvest dandelions from areas that you are familiar with where there is no possibility that they have been exposed to car exhaust, herbicides or fertilizers.

make a wish

Don’t forget — dandelions are also great for making wishes — just wait for the flower to go to seed, then pick it, hold it up close to your face, make a wish and blow the little seed parachutes into the wind. If you blow all the seeds out, your wish will come true! You can find out who likes butter by holding the sunny, yellow flower under someone’s chin — if their chin shows yellow, well, that means that they like butter!





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