Friends, a Road Trip and a Sweet Black Lab

Blog Post #115

I’m at Harrison Hot Springs, a gorgeous vacation spot in the Fraser Valley with three lovely ladies — Corinne, Chris, Emma (the most beautiful black lab) and me. We fled the city on Thursday afternoon and drove to this little corner of paradise. A road trip in Corinne’s little Fiat. The 1.5 hr. trip seemed like fifteen minutes, as we chatted non-stop all the way.  Corinne, Chris and I had worked together many years ago at Christ Church Cathedral — we were the three “C”s of CCC —  we hadn’t gotten together for years but it felt like it was only yesterday.


We spent the rest of the first day of our “mini retreat” walking by the lake, checking out the little touristy shops, and exploring the town. We had dinner al fresco, and hung out, relaxing, still chatting animatedly about everything under the sun, and taking Emma out and about.

Emma, waiting for her hu-mom to come back from the pool.

Today, was more of the same — except that we did way more walking, exploring trails, the beach and people. We found a lovely spot where Emma could be free to chase her ball, swim in the lake, and sniff out squirrels.

Emma Splash

This has been the most relaxing, enjoyable and fabulous girls’ get together. Did I mention that the scenery was gorgeous and the weather was fantastic?

CC and E

I am going to be a little reluctant to pack my bag and head home tomorrow. It’s always a little sad when a good time is coming to an end. It was so good to reconnect with these two friends and I absolutely fell in love with Emmabean!

We have resolved to make this a yearly event — cheers to that!





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