101 Days of Happiness

3 Aug

Blog Post #115

Well, it seems as if I am not happy (right?!) unless I am participating in a game or challenge.

This time I noticed that  a friend of mine was cheerily posting photos on her FaceBook  page — all bearing the hashtag 101daysofhappiness.

Curious, I asked “what’s up with the #101daysofhappiness?” She responded, telling me that it is an exercise in creating more joy in your life, by posting one photo everyday of something that makes you happy. She and one of her co-workers are both participating and she suggested that I do it to because this kind of thing is right up my alley.

She’s right — I love this kind of “thing”.

So… I’m going to try it. It seems easy — post a photo of something that brings me joy — sounds like fun, too! I will be posting the photos on my instagram account, and  hopefully they will show up on my Facebook page and Twitter feed as well. I won’t be writing about this on my blog every day, but I will share the post and the photos once a week or so.

Day 1 — this photo was taken last Sunday when Bruce and I were out for a walk. We were chatting, strolling, and laughing, when he stopped and picked this little flower for me. A daisy — my favourite!


Please note: I could not find any information about the 101 Days of Happiness challenge, however, I believe it is a variation of the 100 Days of Happiness that’s been circulating the web for a while.


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