What I Saw on the Web Last Week

Blog Post #113

As usual, I found a lot of interesting articles, videos and photos in my cyber wanderings last week. A lot of what I read concerned the two political conventions in the US and the political scene in general, but I don’t want to share much, if anything from that — except I will say that I thought Michelle Obama’s speech at the DNC was excellent. I feel quite dismayed at everything that is happening in America right now, so I needed some distraction and levity.  Something uplifting, amusing and well… cute. I hope you enjoy the following as much as I did.

Hairdresser to the Homeless

Josh Coombes, a 29 year old hairdresser, carries his “tools of the trade” in his backpack when he walks the streets of London, England. He does this so that he can give homeless people a haircut right on the spot. When he encounters a street person, Josh explains who he is and what he does. If the person agrees, Josh cuts and styles their hair — no charge — just a simple act of kindness. Treating them with respect, talking with them and providing a service as well. Kudos, Josh!

Canadian Pride

Yesterday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family walked in Vancouver’s 38th Annual Gay Pride Parade along with thousands of other marchers. This was was the first time a sitting Prime Minister has walked the parade — a momentous show of support for inclusion, diversity and community.

PM Justin Trudeau & family walk in Vancouver’s Gay Pride. Photo from FB

If You’re Happy and You Know it, Clap Your Hands!

This video showing a children’s music class has gone viral — a little boy’s infectious laughter makes this clapping song so fun to watch. Take a look — just the thing to cheer you up!

Oh, and Happy BC Day!







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