Game Over — I Did It!!

31 Jul

Blog Post #112

I did it! The 30 31-Day Minimalist Game is over and I actually got rid (donated or trashed) 496 items! I think my three friends reached the goal as well (or came close). Yay, us!!

Some people were skeptical when I decided to try this method of simplifying my household. The sheer number — almost 500 — seemed like a daunting endeavor. We live in a small condo and it was hard for some to imagine removing 500 things. I was a bit more confident that it could be done and actually as the days progressed and I collected the items, I soon realized that 496 was not going to be a problem.

I was right.

Day30-31 magazines

Days 30 & 31 = 58 magazines & 3 books! That’s the end of the game – 496 items, gone!

The hardest part was letting go of the idea of having those things. Once I began to look at the items with a more critical view, it became easier to distinguish the things that I actually needed/used/cherished, from those things that I kept “just because…”

The game is done now and I met the quota, but…

I have so much more to go through — a couple more cupboards in the kitchen, the laundry room, two bathrooms, three closets and a storage room. Not to mention taking a good hard look through the bookshelves. So… I am going to continue on into this next month — packing things up, weeding through things, simplifying my life.

I’ll let you know if I get close to another 496 things!


30-Day Minimalism Game — Day Thirty-One

The month is at an end and so is my minimalism game. On Day 30, I donated 30 magazines and today, on Day 31, I gave away 28 magazines and 3 books for a month total of 496 items!

30 31 Days of Donating/Selling/Trashing 
Day 1 – One jacket (donated)
Day 2 – Two serving dishes (donated)
Day 3 – Two decorative bowls + one glass jar (donated)
Day 4 – Four serving plates (donated)
Day 5 – One plastic cake carrier/w lid + one plastic dip & veggie dish/w lid + one footed glass bowl + one small serving bowl + one light fixture (donated)
Day 6 – One large glass salad bowl + one green, rectangular fruit bowl + two baskets + one soup tureen + one angelfood cake pan (donated)
Day 7 – Two baskets + two planters + one ceramic jug + one jar with/hinged lid + one wooden bowl (donated)
Day 8 – One wine decanter + one glass jar w/hinged lid + two terracotta flower pots + one vase + two glass containers + one small wicker basket (donated)
Day 9 – Two glass bottles + Two tea tins + one fish platter + one large oval platter + one glass jar + one tiny white bowl (donated)
Day 10 – Three tin cans + one large glass jar (no lid) (recycled) + one martini glass + one glass hanging terrarium+ one glass bell jar lid + one box of flood lights + one outdoor motion sensor (all donated) + one old bottle of glue (trashed)
Day 11 – Five mugs + two ceramic canisters (with lids) + one vinegar cruet + one milk frother + one small basket (all donated)
Day 12 – Four small soup bowls + one espresso coffee measure + five wine glasses + two mugs (donated)
Day 13 – Two glass jars (recycled) + one small glass pitcher + one travel mug + three mugs + one plastic tumbler + one single-cup coffee press +four wine glasses (all donated)
Day 14 – Fourteen unmatched wine glasses (thirteen donated & one recycled because it was chipped)
Day 15 – Twelve wine glasses + one kitchen scale + one round casserole dish + one teapot (all donated)
Day 16 – Three glass canisters + one glass apothecary jar + four wine glasses + four large saucers (all donated)
Day 17 – One red glass bowl + one Turkish coffee pot + one packages of silicone baking cups (unopened!!!) + one medium glass jar with lid + two metal water bottles + three travel mugs + one kitchen grater + one tea strainer + one small metal bowl + one ziplock bag filled with plastic straws and utensils + four silicone dish covers (all donated)
Day 18 – Seven small bamboo plates + three popsicle molds + eight unmatched chipped side plates. (donated and trashed)
Day 19 – Two silicone egg poachers + seven mason jars + one Christmas mug + one thingie that makes rice cubes + two badly chipped side plates (into the recycle bin) + three small appie plates + one teeny glass jar + one onion soup bowl + one empty soy sauce bottle (all donated except for the chipped plates)
Day 20 – Sixteen articles of clothing + four purses (all donated)
Day 21 – Twenty-one articles of clothing  (donated)
Day 22 – One decorative pillow + one afghan +  one winter hat + one bag + eighteen articles of clothing (all donated)
Day 23 – Twelve plastic hangers + seven books + two shirts + one pair of pants + one hat (all donated)
Day 24 – Twenty-three shirts (22 donated, 1 trashed) + one pair of girly boxer shorts (donated)
Day 25 –  Four bras + one pair of panties + five pairs of socks + three pairs of tights + two shirts + seven (!!!) pairs of shoes + two pillow cases and one table cloth. (all donated except the underwear — that was trashed)
Day 26 — three sets of napkin rings + eight plastic coffee scoops + one lobster claw cracker + one plastic “learner” chopsticks + two plastic forks + two chopstick rests + seven pairs of wooden (still in the package) take-out chopsticks+ one pastry blender + one spaghetti measure. (all donated except the take-out chopsticks)
Day 27 — One cheese knife + two butter knives + one plastic whisk + one coffee scoop + one pastry cutter + three sushi mats + one melon baller + five measuring spoons + one Chinese soup spoon + three cookie cutters + one pair of jeans + one world atlas + one frisbee + one red glass vase + one potato masher + one wine stopper + two small jars with lids. (all donated except for the wine stopper which was trashed)
Day 28 — Nine pairs of wooden chopsticks + one ceramic decorative jug + one decoupage pig, 1 round box of coasters, 1 headband, 1 heart-shaped wire box, 1 small cloth gift bag, 1 oil diffuser + two baskets + ten magazines.
Day 29 –  twenty-nine magazines
Day 30 –  thirty magazines
Day 31 –  twenty-eight magazines + three books

Total: 496 items




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