Let’s Go to the Movies — Star Trek: Beyond

Blog Post #111

I went to see Star Trek: Beyond this evening. I’m not a Trekkie, I wouldn’t even call myself a Star Trek fan — but I did enjoy the first two movies in this “reboot” series and I was fairly certain that I would find this third one entertaining, at the very least.

My daughter (she LOVES Star Trek) and I chose to see this movie in IMAX 3D® — the first time I have actually gone to an IMAX theatre!

Well, the experience was certainly worth it. I would definitely recommend IMAX for watching an epic, action-packed movie like Star Trek: Beyond. The 3D visuals were stunning and the sound was magnificent (although, I did close my eyes a few times for fear of experiencing a little vertigo while my vision adjusted to the 3D images).

The plot of Beyond was simple. The Enterprise is deployed on a rescue mission in deep space, it’s course headed into the depths of an uncharted nebula.  Once out of range of Federation communication, the Enterprise and its crew are attacked. The crew is forcibly captured by the marauders, except for the heroes, who manage to escape. The ship crash lands on a planet below. The villain is searching for a long lost weapon and will stop at nothing to reclaim it, his endgame to destroy all Federation planets.

Can Kirk and what is left of his rag-tag crew save the prisoners and get back to Federation space in time to save the world?

While the movie had a lot of tense moments, battle scenes and witty exchanges, what I enjoyed the most about Beyond, is the relationships between the characters — how the crew work together to fight against insurmountable odds — illustrating the power of friendship and love. The bond between Spock and Bones, especially, was both humorous and touching. Karl Urban and Zachary Quinto were perfect in their portrayal of this budding friendship.

The villain, played by the outstanding Idris Elba, is fierce and menacing in appearance and character. I loved the newest character, Jayla, (Sofia Boutella) an escapee from the villain, Krall’s prison. She has made her home on the planet and spends her days building traps for Krall’s minions and planning her revenge for the death of her parents.

This movie, in my opinion, is the best of the three reboot films. I loved the visuals, the sound and the story. Of course, what I loved the most were the main actors who brought the Enterprise’ crew to life in a heroic way — Pine, Quinto, Urban, Saldana, Cho, Pegg, Yelchin.

The dedication at the end of the movie was so fitting and loving. “In loving memory of Leonard Nimoy” and ” For Anton” Heart rending.

This movie is a great choice for anyone who loves science fiction, space adventure, action or Star Trek.


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