TBT — A Jam Session

Blog Post #102

There is nothing better than spreading some homemade jam on your morning toast. And when that jam was concocted together with a good friend, the taste is nothing short of heavenly.

Many summers ago, my lovely friend, Dani invited me to join her in her kitchen to cook up some apricot jam.  She had baskets of locally grown apricots and some of them were earmarked for the jam pot.


Soon we were chopping up a storm, laughing, chatting and having a blast! The afternoon flew by, that old adage is so true: “time flies when you are having fun”

Chopping fruit

When the simmering was done and the cooked fruit was ladled into jars, the scent of apricot and spices filled our senses — we ambled out to her lovely back yard to sip lemonade and play with Chloe, her lazybones kitty.

jam cooking



Later, at home, I admired our handiwork as I placed my share in the pantry. The golden-hued jam was like summer in a jar!

The jam, of course, didn’t last long — its lime-tinged sweetness added a delicious zest to our morning toast that brought the summer back with every bite. The memory of the jam-making session, however, still lives in my memory — a day of friendship, harmony, and love.



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