3 Things I Need — Er, I Mean I Want!

20 Jul

Blog Post #101

I’m always on the lookout for new and innovative things/gadgets (and isn’t it an ideal time to be searching out novel items since I am getting rid of a lot of old stuff?? Hold on, don’t roll your eyes — I am joking!). I really don’t have any intentions of running out and buying these things — but I do think they are ingenious. Take a look.


To quote Lithuanian designer, Mindaugas Zilionis, “Every architect dreams to create a perfect Church, so every designer dreams to create a perfect chair.”  And it seems that Zilionis has done just that. The Spyndi is made up of 60 elements and 1260 pieces of wood that fit into each other. The Spyndi isn’t just a chair, it’s also a flexible piece of furniture that can be combined to make various different pieces. You can follow the instructions in the guide or use your creativity to design your own. Doesn’t it look comfy and fun!



Ostrich Pillow

I love naps and the Ostrich Pillow is an unconventional pillow for napping anywhere. A genius idea that looks like the perfect accessory to for me to have a sweet restful nap on the go.  Find out more at Studio Banana Things.


A New Kind of Bike Helmet

Hovding, an innovative bicycle helmet, is actually an airbag that is equipped with state of the art sensors that inflate when an impact occurs. The airbag immobilizes the neck and fits over the head like a hood, providing more protection than conventional bike helmets.

Get the FAQ.


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