Blessed Are the Cheesemakers

Blog Post #97

A greyish kind of a day — light showers in the forecast — a perfect day for a drive in the country!

We had decided to kick off the weekend by going on a Circle Farm Tour. These farm tours are self-guided forays through some of the agricultural sites throughout the Fraser Valley. Armed with a map of participating communities, you can visit various farms and markets from berry farms to artisan cheesemakers.


I had gone through the website and chosen a route and several farms that I wanted to visit. This morning, after our coffee, we jumped in the car and headed out on our expedition of the Agassiz Circle Farm Tour.

It was a great morning for a leisurely jaunt out in the country. We rolled into Agassiz, a quaint community of rich farmland with stunning views of Mount Woodside, Green Mountain and the Cheam Mountain range and began our tour by searching out The Back Porch. This spot features a pottery studio, a coffee roaster, and a collection of antiques, on a family farm that also raises goats and chickens.

What we didn’t know was that this Saturday was the 10th annual Agassiz Farm Cycle Tour!  A relaxed bike excursion through the 30 km route of the farming community. A popular family event — but definitely NOT car-friendly! I would love to try the tour this way — maybe next year!

We made our way cautiously towards our destination — the road looked like this!

This is NOT an actual photo of the cycle tour — just an example of how I saw it!!

The small yard was jam-packed with parked bikes and bicyclists wandering around so we decided to move on a less crowed spot. We  set out to our next choice — The Farm House Natural Cheeses. We had to crawl at a snail’s pace, because of the many, many bicyclists, but we made it safely to the Farm House!

It is a lovely place, with a gently rolling expanse of grass pastures, corrals with goats, even a donkey! And a cheese shop! Of course, because of the bike tour, the shop was filled with people — everyone buying blocks of cheese, yogurt, sour cream and even gelato! I tried a sample of Heidi cheese, and of course, I had to buy a nice chunk of it. Delicious!


After the cheese shop, we decided to cut our little trip short, and we headed home — too nerve-wracking to maneuver around all the cyclists! We plan on doing another Farm Tour, but I will make sure to check the event schedule first before (or we’ll throw the bikes on the rack and take the pedal tour!!) The Farm House Natural Cheeses was so worth the trip!!

Check out these photos of some of the animals at the farm.







30-Day Minimalism Game — Day Sixteen

OMG! I am STILL in the kitchen. I’m worried — I know that there is other stuff to get rid of in all my other rooms! How many more 30-day Minimalism Games will I need to play before I get through all my stuff???!!! Day 16 and I am donating: 3 glass canisters, 1 large glass apothecary jar, 4 matching wine glasses, 4 unmatched wine glasses (that’s the last of them!), and 4 large saucers that somehow “lost” their cappucino cups!

30 Days of Donating/Selling/Trashing
Day 1 – One jacket (donated)
Day 2 – Two serving dishes (donated)
Day 3 – Two decorative bowls + one glass jar (donated)
Day 4 – Four serving plates (donated)
Day 5 – One plastic cake carrier/w lid + one plastic dip & veggie dish/w lid + one footed glass bowl + one small serving bowl + one light fixture (donated)
Day 6 – One large glass salad bowl + one green, rectangular fruit bowl + two baskets + one soup tureen + one angelfood cake pan (donated)
Day 7 – Two baskets + two planters + one ceramic jug + one jar with/hinged lid + one wooden bowl (donated)
Day 8 – One wine decanter + one glass jar w/hinged lid + two terracotta flower pots + one vase + two glass containers + one small wicker basket (donated)
Day 9 – Two glass bottles + Two tea tins + one fish platter + one large oval platter + one glass jar + one tiny white bowl (donated)
Day 10 – Three tin cans + one large glass jar (no lid) (recycled) + one martini glass + one glass hanging terrarium+ one glass bell jar lid + one box of flood lights + one outdoor motion sensor (all donated) + one old bottle of glue (trashed)
Day 11 – Five mugs + two ceramic canisters (with lids) + one vinegar cruet + one milk frother + one small basket (all donated)
Day 12 – Four small soup bowls + one espresso coffee measure + five wine glasses + two mugs (donated)
Day 13 – Two glass jars (recycled) + one small glass pitcher + one travel mug + three mugs + one plastic tumbler + one single-cup coffee press +four wine glasses
Day 14 – Fourteen unmatched wine glasses (thirteen donated & one recycled because it was chipped)
Day 15 – Twelve wine glasses + one kitchen scale + one round casserole dish + one teapot (all donated)
Day 16 – Three glass canisters + one glass apothecary jar + eight wine glasses + four large saucers (all donated)

Total: 136 items





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