Throw Back Thursday — A Celebration!

14 Jul

Blog Post #95

We took these photos when we were at Surrey’s first annual Fusion Festival in July 2008. The multi-cultural event featured many pavilions showcasing their arts, culture and customs along with ethnic food kiosks in a two day fair. Every summer since, Holland Park has been lined with tents filled with displays of the rich cultural traditions, music, crafts and the enticing aroma of traditional foods from countries all over the world.

The sari, in the photos below, was on sale at the India pavilion, along with other traditional clothing and cultural items. I’ve always loved saris — they are gorgeous — so when I saw the bolts of cloth spread out on the tables, I couldn’t wait to choose a print for my very own. Two lovely ladies, helped me to wrap the cloth and in minutes I was wearing a beautiful blue sari!

Surrey's First Annual Fusion Festival

Wrapping the sari


Surrey's First Annual Fusion Festival

The girls tie my sari


Surrey's First Annual Fusion Festival

All done! A beautiful blue sari. I love it!

Take a look at a few more photos from the 2008 festival. I am looking forward to this year’s event — I hope I find another sari and I am craving some delicious Turkish coffee!

Fusion Festival


Fusion Festival


Fusion Festival


Fusion Festival


Fusion Festival


This year’s Fusion Festival will be held on July 23-24, 2016 at Holland Park in Surrey. Don’t miss this feast for the senses and a gala celebration of multi-culturalism. Watch the Surry Fusion Festival’s official promo video.


30-Day Minimalism Game — Day Fourteen

I finally cleaned out my glass cupboard and I am letting go of fourteen more wine glasses — I still have quite a few which I will be donating/selling/trashing in the next day or two. I am astonished at how much stuff I have!!! (and I have more cupboards to go through — yikes!!)

30 Days of Donating/Selling/Trashing
Day 1 – One jacket (donated)
Day 2 – Two serving dishes (donated)
Day 3 – Two decorative bowls + one glass jar (donated)
Day 4 – Four serving plates (donated)
Day 5 – One plastic cake carrier/w lid + one plastic dip & veggie dish/w lid + one footed glass bowl + one small serving bowl + one light fixture (donated)
Day 6 – One large glass salad bowl + one green, rectangular fruit bowl + two baskets + one soup tureen + one angelfood cake pan (donated)
Day 7 – Two baskets + two planters + one ceramic jug + one jar with/hinged lid + one wooden bowl (donated)
Day 8 – One wine decanter + one glass jar w/hinged lid + two terracotta flower pots + one vase + two glass containers + one small wicker basket (donated)
Day 9 – Two glass bottles + Two tea tins + one fish platter + one large oval platter + one glass jar + one tiny white bowl (donated)
Day 10 – Three tin cans + one large glass jar (no lid) (recycled) + one martini glass + one glass hanging terrarium+ one glass bell jar lid + one box of flood lights + one outdoor motion sensor (all donated) + one old bottle of glue (trashed)
Day 11 – Five mugs + two ceramic canisters (with lids) + one vinegar cruet + one milk frother + one small basket (all donated)
Day 12 – Four small soup bowls + one espresso coffee measure + five wine glasses + two mugs (donated)
Day 13 – two glass jars (recycled) + one small glass pitcher + one travel mug + three mugs + one plastic tumbler + one single-cup coffee press +four wine glasses
Day 14 – fourteen unmatched wine glasses (thirteen donated & one recycled because it was chipped)

Total: 105 items




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