3 Things I Found on the ‘Net This Week

Blog Post #84

I’m having fun, thinking about the fascinating blogs, websites, and articles that I have seen on the web and sharing them at the end of each week on this blog. It’s becoming a habit — and a ready-made topic for a post of the day! Here are three things I found this week. I hope that you find them interesting!

A Penny For Your Floor?

Now that I am fully committed to the 30-Day Minimalism Game, I’ve been keeping my eyes open for good ideas on donating, selling or trashing the clutter around my house. I came across this DIY mosaic flooring idea using pennies on the web this week. While this doesn’t exactly fit in with the general “rules” of the game, I’m wondering if repurposing could fit in to this exercise.

Jar of Pennies

A floor made out of pennies! I think this idea is a great way to use up all those pennies that have been collected in jars and cans in my house. I’m sure that there are enough pennies lying around to make cover one floor in a small room. The downside, aside from the tedious work, would be the finishing — I’m not a big fan of polyurethane or epoxy sealer, but the idea is tempting as it looks great! What do  you think — would you choose to pave your floor in pennies?

Broccoli Cheese Bites

I found this recipe on Pinterest, and of course I saved it to my “Party Food” board. They sound delicious and I can’t wait to bake up a batch. Veggies, cheese, broccoli mixed together and the popped into the oven. Easy AND they are baked in a mini muffin tin! This would make a great snack for book club. BTW — you should follow me on Pinterest, you never know, we might have a lot in common!

Happy Canada Day!

We commemorated our country’s 149th birthday a few days ago on July 1st. Canadians across this vast land celebrated with barbecues, picnics, concerts, parades and fireworks. We all wore red and waved our flag, sang our national anthem and generally partied the night away.

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, gave his first Canada Day message to the country  — a heartfelt message commending our diversity, tolerance and acceptance. Very well said, Mr. Prime Minister. Watch him give his speech here:


30-Day Minimalism Game — Day Three

Continuing on with the minimalism game on day three: I gave away one small flower-shaped dish, and I am donating an amber coloured bowl and a glass jar.

30 Days of Donating/Selling/Trashing
Day 1 – One jacket (donated)
Day 2 – Two serving dishes (donated)
Day 3 – Two decorative bowls + one glass jar (donated)

Total: Six items




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