Countdown to 496

Blog #81

Tomorrow is the day! Yes, it’s Canada Day, that’s true — but the momentous moment I’m talking about is the start of my 30-day Minimalism Game!

I’m feeling excited and a little anxious about the endeavour. Some people (I won’t say who!) have expressed doubts and misgivings about this project — with comments like “…that’s a LOT of stuff to get rid of!” or “…why put a number on things, why not just go at it and get it done?”

Well, I have to admit, that I’ve been thinking about this project every day since I decided to take the plunge and I have asked myself those very questions.

Four hundred and ninety-six things, IS a big number. Maybe, I won’t accomplish this lofty goal — but, for me, the end number isn’t really important — I’m going to do my best to “get rid of stuff” each day as per the game, but I’m not going to worry too much if I get to Day 15 and find out that 120 things is the most I can downsize by.


The important part of this game, for me, is the process of going through all my possessions and mindfully thinking about their part in my life. What value does this pair of shoes have? Do I need really the green vase that’s been sitting on a shelf gathering dust? When was the last time I actually used the waffle iron? Will I regret giving away my button collection?

Minimalizing my stuff in this way, I believe, will help me to change my thoughts and habits so that I can actually live happily with less. I want to live a simpler life and believe that minimizing is a good first step.

I aim to reach the goal of shedding 496 things — I believe it is doable! I am looking forward to the lessons I will learn from the process of letting go!

Feel free to join in the game! I will be recording my progress on this blog and I would love to hear about yours!




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