Ooh, La, La! La Petite Macaron

Blog Post #80

My daughter dropped by last night, bringing with her a box of macarons from Bon Macaron Patisserie on Granville Island. A small box, filled with an assortment of the pretty round pastel-coloured French pastries.

Macarons, originating in Italy, were a single round cookie made with almond paste. According to the website, Mr. Macaron, it was in the 1890’s, that a pastry chef, Pierre Desfontaines, had the idea of putting two cookies together with butter crème, jam, compote or ganache in between. Et voilà, the macaron that we’re all crazy about was born!

The macaron, today, consists of a ganache filling sandwiched between two round meringue shells. The shells are usually made of finely ground almond flour or powder, egg whites and sugar, creating a crisp, airy cookie. The ganache is flavoured with whatever the creative pastry chef dreams up.  Bon Macaron has elegant fillings like: Earl Grey, Champagne, Limoncello and for the more adventurous: Maple Bacon and Olive Tapenade. With over 50 flavours, both sweet and savoury, this patisserie has a taste to please every palate.

For my first ever bite of macaron, I sampled a Lavender one from Brynne’s box. I loved the pale purple colour of the delicate cookie, and I was expecting a sweet, lavender-tinged essence. I wasn’t expecting a burst of lavender to amaze my taste buds. I cannot adequately explain the sweet, intense fullness of the flavour — but it was kind of like sitting in a field of the herb and breathing in the aroma, filling my senses with lavender. Absolutely delicious.



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