#haikuchallenge — It’s Poetry!

Blog Post #79

Since I’ve been participating in the Haikuesday challenge, I have learned a lot about the Japanese poetic form known as haiku. From its ancient beginnings in Japan, to its modern day English counterpart, haiku has enchanted poets and readers for centuries.

Today I discovered, haiga, a style of Japanese art that incorporates poetry with images. Traditionally, haiga is a simple painting created by a haiku poet who would usually include a short poem with it, as in the image below.

Haiga Painting

A little cuckoo across a hydrangea(Haiga) by Yosa Buson

Haiga paintings are simple works with little colour and free flowing brush strokes.  Haiga themes are centered around mundane, every day things, meant to be light-minded and a little ironic or humorous. The painting and the haiku that accompanies it are intended to complement each other — not serve as explanations of each other.

Delve a little deeper into this poetic form and its history by visiting the website; Simply Haiku, or check out poets.org for additional information.

Find some beautiful works of contemporary and traditional works of haiga at the Daily Haiga, an online journal with more than 1500 presentations of this unique artistic genre. You can also submit your own work here.

Haiga Online is another online journal devoted to haiga, featuring a gallery and an archive of past issue.

Here is my submission for this week’s #haikuchallenge or #haikuesday, if you prefer. Unfortunately, I’m not up to trying my hand at Japanese painting — I don’t think I have a light enough touch — ha ha!

At the Beach

Sunshine warms the sand
Gentle lapping ocean waves
Yesterday’s castle falls





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