These 10 Things Made Me Happy This Week

Blog Post #76

I love this time of year — the weather is warming up bringing the promise of hot summer days and warm summer nights. I thought I would share some of the things that made me happy this week.

Interpretive Dance #02

It was my birthday last month, and Brynne gave me a lovely original illustration that she drew for me. (It’s pictured above). Nothing makes me happier than sitting on the sofa after dinner, with a book, delicious tea steaming in my new favourite mug (a treasured gift from my oldest daughter, Bailey), relaxing and every now and then looking up at the mantle to see that dancing woman directing me to “stay wild, stay weird”.

Binge watching The Mindy Project with my daughter, Brynne on Thursday mornings. We drink coffee, talk, eat, and snuggle on the sofa to watch Mindy Lahiri, a successful doctor with a romantic comedy obsession, try to find her happy ending. Fun, quirky and hilarious!

Salted caramel apple pie — even though I am trying to give up sweets and other junk food, this just might become my new obsession! Pie makes me happy!

French Almond soap from the San Francisco Soap Company. I’ve had this bar of soap in my cupboard for a while now — the box is so pretty that I didn’t want to open it. I took it out this morning and used it for the first time. Ahh… it is heavenly — the lather is rich and creamy with a sweet almond scent. I normally buy soaps that are more natural and without any artificial colours, etc., but packaging of this bar was irresistible and I yielded to the temptation.

French Almond Soap

One of the things I love most is a warm, furry, purring kitty curled up on my lap bringing a feeling of happiness and contentment to my heart. Talk about warm fuzzies!

This week I made one of my favourite dishes — it’s quick, easy and delicious. Lentils with eggs and greens, a recipe I found years ago on Martha Stewart’s website. It’s now saved on one of my Pinterest boards and I love to make it when I’m craving a simple, yet satisfying meal. Curious? Try it out — it will make you happy, too!

I love the show, Suits. When I’m not watching Mindy with Brynne, I’m catching up on this fun, quirky legal comedy/drama. I love all the characters, but, in my opinion, Louis Litt is definitely one of the funniest (and quirkiest). Watch this clip to see what I mean.



The summer solstice happened at the beginning of this week. I love that the days are longer now. It makes me happy to wake up to daylight and to enjoy the lingering light longer in the evening.

Driving in the car today, I heard one of my favourite Blue Rodeo songs that I hadn’t heard in forever. I couldn’t help belting out 5 Days in May along with the band, as we drove down the street on our way over to visit my mother-in-law. It made me feel so good to be singing out loud. Even Bruce joined in. Good times.

Every day at work, I can enjoy a little bit of nature, whether I’m gazing out the window or taking a walk down by the river. This week, I saw four or five bald eagles soaring in the sky. Their massive wingspans are breathtaking to behold. I can’t help but feel amazement whenever I see these majestic birds gliding on the wind currents or perched in a tall tree overlooking the river. Happiness…


Brynne’s Daily Drawing #76

Brynne's Daily Drawing #76








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