Colour Me Foxy, Revisited

Blog Post #75

Remember this?


I started this colouring page back in May and I have been working on it bit by bit since then. I find it a tranquil way to decompress after a long work day. Colouring, I’ve discovered, is relaxing and soothing — a creative outlet that is completely different than designing an ad or writing a blog post.

I still find it a little intimidating — but I am trying my best to overcome my feelings of inadequacy. I am not sure that I like how this image is progressing, or if I will like it when it is done. I feel that I made a mistake with one of the colours, but it might just be okay when all the other hues are added in. I’ll just keep plugging away at it.

It is soothing, yes, when I get in the groove, I get lost in the feel of the pencil crayon filling the whiteness of the page — and I feel easy, free and quiet. Then, I am able to let go and forget that I am unsure of my colour choices, stop thinking so much of the finished page and just be in the moment.

Here is a look at my progress so far — I still have a long way to go before it’s done!


There seems to be more colouring books for adults on bookstore and retail outlets everywhere. What do you think of this colouring trend? Do you colour?


Brynne’s Daily Drawing #75

Brynne's Daily Drawing #75






3 thoughts on “Colour Me Foxy, Revisited”

  1. I love to colour! I totally agree – after a day on the job where creativity is demanded, colouring is a great way to chill out. Especially in a complex drawing like your fox, you have no idea how it will look when it’s finished, so dont stress about “doing it right” and just enjoy. (I’ve added the “wrong” colours on occasion as well) It’s going to be gorgeous!

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    1. Thanks, Dani! Your comments are so encouraging. I’ve decided to abandon myself to the process and stop overthinking it — to colour with the confidence of a child and experience the peace and joy that brings!


      1. Lol, we talked about overthinking last week – I definitely do it! You’ve got it right, just colour away. And thanks for this post, it’s encouraging me to get my colouring book out again. ❤

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