Down By the River

Blog Post #72

I love to leave my desk at lunch and take a walk along the riverbank. My office is at the end of a street in an industrial business park. Beyond the building is the mighty Fraser River and the path that meanders beside it is a lovely 20 minute stroll that loops around the river, past an errant creek that flows back to the river further up the way.

On my walk, I look forward to see any manner of wildlife — snakes and rabbits, small rodents and many different birds — squawking gulls (of course!), murders of crows, majestic bald eagles (often tormented mercilessly by those crows!), Canada geese, mallard ducks, swallows, robins, chickadees and a gangly Blue heron standing so still in the pooled water of the creek.

The riverside is quiet and serene, a peaceful interlude from my busy day. I amble along, soaking up the calm and enjoying the time I have to be at one with the river, the grass, the brambles and the tiny midges that swarm harmlessly around me.


The heron stands in the quiet creek
waiting still and silent
the fish are unsuspecting


According to Haiku Invitational — the annual haiku competition presented by Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival — poets, when writing in English, incline to compose haiku in three short lines forgoing a fixed syllable count. Read more here. I have so much to learn about haiku!


Brynne’s Daily Drawing #72

Brynne's Daily Drawing #72










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