Summer Dreams: A List of 5 Things

19 Jun

Blog Post #70

Technical difficulties are resolved — whew!! Computer troubles are agonizing and frustrating to say the least, but I am happy to be back online!!

As the days warm up, my thoughts are all about summer…lazy afternoons at the beach, vacation trips, sangria. It’s hard to keep focussed on the daily grind of work, and chores, ugh!

To cheer myself up, I came up with a list of some of my favourite things about summer — this list is by no means a comprehensive of everything I love about this season — there’s only 5 things on it!! But it is a great [and short] list of things to love about the days from June to September! What do you love about summer?

5 Things I Love About Summer!


road trip

Summer is the BEST time to jump in the car and drive! Drive anywhere — a short jaunt to a favourite haunt or a longer, impromptu road trip! This year, we’re going to plan a Circle Farm Tour, for a fascinating look at country life in BC.

The tour to Agassiz and Harrison Mills is a picturesque drive through the Fraser Valley. There is so much to experience, from a visit to Farmhouse Cheeses, a farmstead that produces organic, artisanal cheeses to Kilby, the site of BC’s Museum of Rural Life.  In Agassiz, you can visit an 1893 Canadian Pacific Railway station and museum. While you’re there, there stop in at the Back Porch pottery and basketry studio, shop at a farmers’ market, see a berry farm and much more. When you get to Harrison Hot Springs,  make sure to stop for a bite at the Muddy Waters Café where the menu features local products.

Click the link, to get a map and tour details for the Agassiz-Harrison Mills Circle Farm tour. Visit the Circle Farm Tours website for information on other farm tours.

Popsicles & Ice Cream


Who doesn’t love an ice-cold frozen treat on a blistering hot summer day? The sweet chill of a strawberry flavoured ice pop or the delicious smoothness of a drippy ice cream cone — mmm… that’s heaven, right?! These days, I love to make my own summer delights — more fruit, less sugar! One of my favourites is this recipe for Creamy Peach & Honey Popsicles from Cookie + Kate — a luscious blend of roasted peaches, honey & Greek yoghurt. Frozen Tip: When I am making ice cubes, I LOVE to add mint leaves or raspberries to the tray before freezing. These little frozen blocks look so lovely in a glass of water and they add a bit of pizzazz to my drinks!!

The Best Part of the Beach is the Theatre

My youngest daughter and I have a summertime tradition that we have been keeping for the past few years. We love live theatre and every year, we eagerly anticipate our excursion to Bard on the Beach. The only problem we have with this Shakespeare festival is choosing which play to see first. This year is the theatre’s 27th season and it promises to be just as spectacular as ever, with performances of the comedy, The Merry Wives of Windsor; the timeless romance, Romeo and Juliet; and the tragic tale of betrayal and revenge, Othello, on stage through September 24th. I highly recommend it!

Adventures With Friends


Hikes, picnics and backyard barbecues are more fun when you include a group of friends. If you love the outdoors and exploring the Lower Mainland, the website Outdoor Vancouver has lots of advice, reviews and articles on gear, outdoor activities, hiking trails and much more. One of our go-to guides for exploring our part of Super • Natural BC is 109 Walks in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland. Read a review of the book here.  I can’t wait to discover new trails around BC with my friends this summer.

Sunkissed, Fresh Fruit


Summer is the time when roadside stands and farmers’ markets are overflowing with fresh, local fruits, berries and vegetables. I can already taste the sun kissed peaches, juicy cherries, sweet raspberries and blueberries that are so abundant during the season. Find out what’s fresh and ripe at Vancouver’s local farmers markets. I’m looking forward to eating fresh salads, local produce and a LOT of vegetarian dishes this summer!


Brynne’s Daily Drawing #70

Brynne's Daily Drawing #70






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