Did You See These Three Things?

17 Jun

Blog Post #69

Wow, another week has flown by! Where does the time go? In my internet forays this week, I came across a lot of very interesting posts. Some were hilarious, some sad and some just made my blood boil!! Here are three things that I found to be inspiring, amusing, and/or uplifting. What did you find this week that motivated or touched you?

Yoga is For Every Body

Jessamyn Stanley describes herself as a “yoga enthusiast and fat femme” — that’s the tag line her website: Jessamyn Stanley.  But she is much more than a yoga enthusiast as a tour of her site will attest.

Jessamyn is also a yoga teacher, body positive advocate and writer who shares her approach to yoga on her website, Youtube channel, Facebook and Instagram pages. Her Instagram has more that 500 photos of herself in various yoga poses and over 40,000 followers.

It is easy to see why — Jessamyn’s body positive approach to yoga encourages people to ignore mainstream stereotypes of yoga practitioners and teaches her followers to think about how they feel when they practice yoga and helping them to become comfortable in their own skin.

Check out Jessamyn’s Youtube channel for her routines, poses and inspirational moves.Try her free beginner-intermediate yoga class below.



Who doesn’t love Maya Rudolph? She’s funny, unabashed and has a great singing voice. She has teamed up with 7th Generation to promote the company’s “Free & Clear” feminine care line. The campaign: Keep it free and clear down there showcases their organic cotton tampons and chlorine free pads  — #comeclean — and features Maya singing her “vajingle.

A Quote to Live By


I love this quote by Deepak Chopra

“Instead of thinking outside the box
Get rid of the box”

Crazy Shoes



Brynne’s Daily Drawing #69

Brynne's Daily Drawing #69




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