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A Tunafish Sandwich

Did you know that I love tuna?

Tuna is my comfort food, especially in a tuna casserole. I remember it fondly from my childhood  — my mom made it often — with frozen peas, mushroom soup and potato chips crunched on top. Wait, what?? Potato chips??

But I had given up tuna because I was appalled at the terrible conditions that go into getting the fish into cans and into my supermarket. Polluted waters, over-fishing, slave labour, bycatches (sharks, swordfish, turtles, and seabirds that are indiscriminately caught when tuna fishing), are the reasons that I gave up eating tuna.


But this week, I found Raincoast Trading, a company based in Vancouver, BC, that is committed to environmental stewardship and responsibility. They maintain high sustainability standards when catching, processing and packaging its seafood and they are endorsed by Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise™ conservation program. Raincoast sources tuna that has been caught in the Pacific Northwest using hook and line fishing methods that minimizes bycatch and habitat damage. According to their website, they have 100% traceability of their product from boat to can.

The tuna is pricey, but I think that it is worth it. Guess what I’m having for lunch tomorrow!

Superheroes in Our Midst

We’ve all heard a lot about the rapist, Brock Turner, his dad and the judge who rendered a shockingly light sentence for Turner’s sexual assault conviction. The internet is bristling with criticism and anger about every aspect of this case — and that anger is understandable.

Today, however, I saw this article from Elephant Journal that was shared by a friend of mine on Facebook. This article takes notice of the two Stanford students that happened to witness the crime taking place, and took action to stop the rape and detain the rapist Brock Turner, until the police came.

In the article, the author pointed out that there has been little or no mention of these two PhD students who did not hesitate to come to the aid of the victim. They could have ignored the situation and kept on going by. But they didn’t and because of their intervention the assault was stopped and the perpetrator was caught.

I appreciate this piece and I agree with the author. We should be giving more attention to the positive actions of these two young men. They deserve to be recognized. The world needs to hear that it is good to do the right thing — to stop and help when help is needed. To stand up for the innocent and the weak. I salute Carl Arndt and Peter Jonsson. I’m still angry at the rapist Brock Turner, his dad and the judge, but I am thankful for people like Carl and Peter. We need more people like them —modern day superheroes. Read the article.

Now for a Cup of Tea

Thinking about that rape case made me think about,  among other things, the trouble we seem to have understanding the concept of consent — what is it and how do you know if you have it? Should be simple, right? But it seems that we just don’t understand what is and what is not consent.

On that note, this funny and charming video appeared in my Facebook feed this week, and I had to share it here. (You’ve probably seen many times, but it is worth another look!)

This little video from the UK, explains consent in a way we can all understand — with a tea analogy, of course!

Copyright ©2015 Emmeline May and Blue Seat Studios

Script by Rockstar Dinosaur Princess
Video by Blue Seat Studio


Brynne’s Daily Drawing #63

Brynne's Drawing #63


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