Breakfast of Champions

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Ever since I started my “new” job three years ago (well, almost three), I have been diligent about making my work food the night before. I have to leave the house minutes before 6:00 am, and I REFUSE to get up any earlier than 5:00 in the morning!! That means I have no time to eat breakfast or even brew and drink a coffee. Sooooo — I make my breakfast and lunch the night before, make coffee first thing in the morning and take it all with me to enjoy at the office.

One of my favourite workday brekkies is a good old-fashioned bowl of oatmeal — but I couldn’t face cooking it in the evening.  I soon learned that I am really bad at making oatmeal in a microwave. I tried to one morning at work, but it ended with me cleaning gluey, sticky mush out of the inside of the tiny office microwave — took me 20 minutes!

You can imagine my delight when I discovered (on Pinterest, where else?) a recipe for a no-cook oatmeal in a jar. Check out this link for the instructions that started it all.

The recipe is delicious as is, but, of course, I had to improvise. I frequently find myself starting a cooking project only to find that I am missing a key ingredient, so I have become the Queen of Substitutions — and so I came up with a variation.

Breakfast of Champions

I adjusted the amount of oatmeal, milk and chia seeds that are called for because I was making one serving instead of two. I found that this recipe is completely adaptable — the amount of oats you use, the amount of milk. I just eyeball the amount of oats and make sure that the liquid covers it all and throw in other stuff to suit my taste. It always turns out perfectly!

Also, you can use any kind of milk — dairy, soy, almond, coconut, a blend. The possibilities are endless.

I have subbed almost every ingredient in this recipe and added in some that weren’t called for.

Sometimes I add in the banana (only 1, though), sometimes I omit it. I sometimes add unsweetened applesauce just for fun.

Here is my version of Overnight Oats


¼ to ½ cup (or more) of your favourite kind of oats,

½ to 1 cup of your favourite non-dairy or dairy milk

1 tablespoon of chia seeds

Splash of vanilla


Mix everything in a bowl or jar (I use a small glass bowl) and refrigerate overnight. In the morning you will have a bowlful of mouth-watering and healthy oatmeal! Ready to go.

Don’t be afraid to mix up the ingredients a little (or a lot!).

Right now, I am using a 7-grain blend of porridge oats — very flavourful, has a bit of a nutty flavour.

My favourite liquid to use in this recipe is coconut milk (from a can), diluted a bit with whatever other kind of milk is in my fridge, it makes a very thick and creamy bowlful. I also like almond vanilla milk or plain coconut milk (from a carton). I’ve even used regular, old cow’s milk — it all works. Use your favourite!

As I’ve mentioned, I sometimes add in a mashed up banana, or some unsweetened applesauce. This gives the oatmeal a bit of sweetness. Or I will toss in some raspberries and blueberries, or other fruit if I have any. Go ahead, try whatever you like!

Once, I made the oatmeal with just the basic ingredients with a little agave syrup added in for a sweet taste. I added in a handful or so of blueberries and about a teaspoon of lemon zest. Wow! It was so DELICIOUS!! I would have it every day, it’s just a matter of having lemons AND fresh blueberries on hand. (Fruits and berries never last long at my house!)

If you like overnight oats, or you’re curious if you would like them, check out this link to Vegan Carrot Cake Overnight Oats from veganosity.com   It actually tastes like carrot cake! Crazy good, so good, you will be sad when you are done eating it. Sad, because it is all gone!!


Brynne’s Daily Drawing #60

Brynne's Daily Drawing #60


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