Summer Lavender — Or, It Must Be Haikuesday!

7 Jun

Blog Post #59

Don’t you love summer? The sunny days, blue skies, the scent of flowers blooming, the sound of a summer rain, endless walks on the beach … yes, summer is my favourite season. I know it isn’t summer yet, but it sure feels like it with all the hot weather we have been having here on the coast — makes it hard to believe that it is still spring!

Thinking about this gorgeous morning (I’m about to start my work day), I feel as if I would rather be back at the lavender farm I visited on Sunday. The delicate fragrance of the lavender still lingers in my mind. The peace and tranquility of that excursion will stay with me for a long while — a place I can go to when my day gets too hectic.

Since it’s Haikuesday (again!), I am going to extend my memory of that lovely visit by posting this weeks’ little poem. I remembered to try 17 syllables in a more free form style, rather than the 5/7/5 of our traditional Western way. What do you think,  does it work?

Lavender with scented breath / Calls the passing bee / purple cloudy haze


What is your favourite season? Share a story in the comment section below!


Brynne’s Daily Drawing #59

Brynne's Daily Drawing #59


2 Responses to “Summer Lavender — Or, It Must Be Haikuesday!”

  1. danibrown57 June 7, 2016 at 10:52 am #

    I like! So the 5/7/5 rhythm is Western? I am going to try this 17 syllable form as well.

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    • cgjohnston June 7, 2016 at 11:00 am #

      Yes, the 5/7/5 is more Western – I think it was the way that the Japanese was translated that caused western haiku to be written that way, the languages are so different. Both styles are three line poems with 17 syllables — it’s just that the other style is not married to the 5/7/5 format. If you read some Japanese haiku that is translated into English, you will see that the form doesn’t follow that pattern, but usually has the same number of syllables. 🙂

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