Adventure Time

Blog Post #56

It’s been a lazy day today — I didn’t do much of anything. I’ll blame it on the heat — it was kind of warm today with a high of 27°.

We actually had a lovely morning. We took Bruce’s mother out for a bit of shopping, she wanted to buy a new garden hose and sprayer. After that we took her to our favourite restaurant for lunch, Tap in South Surrey. As usual, it was delicious — I highly recommend their Panzanella salad — so good!

Back at  home, we tackled a few household chores (oh, so fun, don’t you think??), then we read a bit, listened to some tunes, and spent a bit of time with our daughter.

Now, I’m headed for bed [YAWN!!] I’m sleepy and I have to be in top shape for an adventure tomorrow! I’m off to the Tuscan Farm Gardens  in Abbotsford, with my good friends Dani and Judi!

Lavender with a Bee

Who doesn’t love lavender? The gorgeous colour, the heady scent, and the beautiful flowers of the lavender plant —  a feast for the senses. I’ve been to Tuscan Farm before and it is exactly that — a feast for the senses! I’m looking forward to the excursion with the anticipation of a lovely afternoon spent with even lovelier friends.

My camera is charged, so is my phone. Guess what I’ll be talking about in my next post?

I can smell the lavender already! Look for some purple here tomorrow! 🙂


Brynne’s Daily Drawing #56

Brynne's Daily Drawing #56


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