Throwback Thursday – A Party!

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I just celebrated my birthday on Sunday — it was a lovely day — quiet and low key. Bruce and I went for a beautiful walk on the beach, he made dinner (chili, his specialty), and the girls came over for cake and presents. Low key, but intimate and sweet!

I mention my birthday because I was flipping through some old photo albums today and I came across this picture. I think it’s my seventh or eighth birthday. Looking at the photo, I have some vivid and fond memories of that party.


My mom had put strict restrictions on the invitation count for this party because the year before I had invited every kid in my class! Well, in my defense, she did say that I could invite ALL my friends — and I didn’t want anyone to be left out, so… we had cake for 20!!

This birthday, I was allowed to ask 7 or 8 kids only, much more manageable!

I remember the dress I am wearing — my mom sewed it herself — it was an orangey-red colour with black rickrack on the white collar, waist and sleeves. Don’t you love those calf-length white socks I’m wearing?

All the guests fashioned their own party hats out of construction paper, with pipe cleaners, and little stars for decoration. Then we wore them!

The little table that my gifts are piled on stands out distinctly in my memory. It was made out of metal and the top was white with multi-coloured polka dots on it. It had two little matching folding chairs. The perfect size table for holding birthday gifts!

And the cake! I remember it was chocolate with chocolate frosting. The birthday cake moment was special because not only was there cake, but there were also a few coins, wrapped in wax paper, stuffed inside that cake. There were nickels, a couple of dimes, and one quarter. Yep, this was a tradition — coins hiding in cakes, kids’ birthday cakes!! It was expected, we all knew the money was there, and we were all hoping for the quarter!! Some moms actually folded the wrapped coins into the batter and then baked the cake. My mom slipped the coin packets into the cake after it came out of the oven and then frosted it, thereby hiding the insertion points.

I was so disappointed that I didn’t get that quarter. Shouldn’t the birthday girl person get the quarter? Hmmph — I thought that was only fair!!

Apart from the fact that I only found a nickel in my piece of cake, this party was so much fun and a hit with my friends! I remain grateful to my mom for that party and for every other amazing, delightful party she held for me!

Oh, if you are curious — no…I never hid coins in my daughters’ cakes! I wonder, though, is this still a tradition? Did you have a birthday cake with money inside? Have you baked your child a “fortune” cake?


Brynne’s Daily Drawing #54

Brynne's Daily Drawing #54



2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – A Party!”

  1. Yes so many birthday cakes with coins wrapped in them. Super fun my birthdays were! I don’t recall putting money in my kids cakes though. Just the tooth fairy provided a bit of cash.

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