Life is a Beach!

Blog Post #50

It was a lovely morning, grey and white clouds sailing in the sky, the sun shining through, promising a delightful day perfect for walking. So we headed out to White Rock Beach to explore the oceanfront waters.

White Rock Beach stretches for 8km (5 miles) and is separated into East Beach and West Beach by a slight rise in the shoreline that the residents refer to as “the hump”.

East Beach - White Rock Beach, BC

West Beach is famous for its 1500 ft long pier and is a favourite spot for tourists and locals alike. East beach is closer to the US border and lies near Semiahmoo Park and Reserve. East beach is quieter than the west side, with a gorgeous walk boasting stunning ocean vistas.

Gorgeous view at White Rock Beach

When we arrived, there were a few souls sauntering along the sand — the tide was out but on its way back. We strolled leisurely along the shore, our footprints marking our way in the wet sand.

A lovely day to be at the beach - White Rock Beach

The tidal pools left by the ocean’s wake were teeming with life — tiny fishes, augur snails, mini crabs and sea grass.  All along the beach, we spotted glistening gel-like splotches — jellyfish bodies, we surmised, washed up on the sand, looking like glass. Strewn about were the skeletal remains of someone’s dinner — a dessicated crab claw, an entire shell — reminders of the circle of life.

Tidal Pool at White Rock Beach

Augus snail

tiny crab shell

Jellyfish washed up on shore

As we meandered along the beach we were warmed by the morning sun and we breathed in the tangy, salted sea air.

A walk on the beach

At White Rock Beach

Gratitude infused our entire beings as we filled our eyes and our hearts with the vista before us. How fortunate are we to live in this beautiful paradise.


Brynne’s Daily Drawing #50



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