Room — A Movie Review

Blog Post #47

I finally got around to watching the movie, Room. I resisted seeing it because I had read the book years before and I loved it. The book told exclusively from Jack’s perspective was so well done. Emma Donoghue really captured the voice of an innocent five-year-old. So well, in fact, that I couldn’t imagine anyone doing the story justice.


I was wrong.

The movie, while different from the book, is heartbreaking and deeply emotional. With sterling performances from the entire cast, especially Brie Larson, (Ma) and Jacob Tremblay,  (Jack), this film is an exemplary story of the boundless love between a mother and her child.

Larson’s portrayal of a young mother, raising her son alone and in a tragic and dangerous situation is stunning. My heart ached for her as she struggled to provide Jack with as normal a childhood as she could.

The role of Jack, impeccably played by 9 year old Jacob Tremblay (he’s Canadian!!), was the pivotal character in this film. He was completely natural in his characterization of a 5-year old who had never been outside in the real world, and whose only view of the world was through a small TV and his mother’s stories. Jacob is very talented and played his role so naturally — no affectations, simply a little boy who was raised by a loving mother who gave him everything that she could.

Emma Donoghue’s screen adaptation of her book is flawless — one of the best book-into-movie projects that I have seen. The cinematography was excellent — the first half of the movie takes place in the one room where Jack and Ma live and I felt as if I was in the room seeing it through Jack’s eyes. The  camera showed us the reality of Room, stark, small, and depressing as well as the joyous side where Jack’s drawings are tacked up on the wall, and where Jack has room bounce around in boisterous play.

If you haven’t read the book, and haven’t yet seen the movie — watch it! If you have read the book — you should definitely watch the movie. You won’t be disappointed.

My only piece of advice? Make sure you have a LOT of tissues on hand. This movie will definitely pull on your heartstrings. I cried all the way through.

Watch the trailer for Room below.


Read the reviews of Room, the movie, on Rotten Tomatoes.

If you are interested in the book, check out Emma Donoghue’s website.


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