VanCAF — A Festival in Photos

Blog Post #43

Whew! I spent the last two days at the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival, helping my daughter with her first professional show — sitting at her table off and on so that she could take a break, or walk around scoping out the other artists and visiting her friends that were also exhibiting.

With over 260 artists displaying their work and 12,000 fans on a shopping spree, it was an exhausting couple of days. I am glad to say that Brynne had a very successful experience — she sold a lot of her pieces and she picked up a lot of ideas for her next show!

I hope you enjoy these photos of the event — hopefully, they give you a bit of a sense of the talent and the activity that went on at the 5th annual VanCAF!

A photo of one of the three original promo posters* for 2016


Setting up the table


Brynne’s art on display


Ready for customers, fans and friends


Brynne’s friend, Tim, ready for his first sale of the day


Exhibitors at VanCAF 2016


Comics ARE for everyone


Sisters working together


Colouring a page in his book for a happy customer!


So much talent in one room!


VanCAF 2016 – a big success!

For more of Brynne’s art, visit her website
Visit Tim’s website (Warning: 18+ only – LGBT art)
Find out more about VanCAF on their website
*Check out all three official 2016 promotional posters


Brynne’s Daily Drawing #43

Brynne's Daily Drawing #43


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