Say Cheese — I’m on Instagram!

Blog Post #41

This is the latest Instagram photo that I posted. It’s a photo of my daughter that I took at our place when we had a family dinner and party on her 24th birthday. Love her glasses — so fun!!

Brynne on Insta

I’m not sure about Instagram,— sure, I upload photos (but I really don’t like my phone’s camera), and I am getting the hang of using hashtags #shedoesntknowwhatshesdoing #instagramwhatsitallabout, but I get the feeling that I am missing something.

Maybe, it’s because I choose not to get notifications from Instagram when someone I follow posts a new pic, or likes one of my photos. Maybe, it’s because, I can go for days weeks without taking a photo let alone post it to my account. Or, maybe, it’s just that I don’t want to post one more cute pic of my cats!

Also, I think I need a lot more PRACTICE at taking photos with my phone. This is the usual scenario: I finally notice something going on that I think would make a great pic. I fumble in my purse for my phone and open the camera app. Focus, and tap — nothing happens. Focus again, tap — nothing. Sigh in frustration, look up to see if my shot is still there — camera snaps. Result – beautiful shot of the floor!

I know that I am doing something ridiculously silly — seriously, I do know how to operate a camera, really! But somehow the camera on this phone gets the better of me every time. Jeez — point and shoot — that’s it. But it seems that I touch the wrong spot at the wrong time. (I have read that the manufacturer cheaped out on the camera on this kind of phone — it’s a “mini” so I guess some sacrifices were made to accommodate the smaller size.)

Well… I admit, I am getting a little better. I do get a good picture every now and then. You know, I really miss my Blackberry! My Blackberry took awesome photos AND I never had any trouble taking one with it.

The other thing about Instagram — I’m not sure that I like having to scroll through all the photos in my feed to see what other people have posted. I pretty sure that I am missing some great photos. I guess, to overcome that, I will have to opt to get notified when my favourite people post something new. I’m just not sure that I am prepared to get that many notifications on my phone all the time — it’s distracting!!

Here is a list of some of the interesting people and organizations that I follow — in no particular order.

Brynne Johnston — my favourite artist

earthpix — beautiful photos from around the world sent it by various people

Tap Restaurant — one of my favourite restaurants in the Lower Mainland

Nasa — gorgeous shots of things in space

Cirque du Soleil — Photos and Videos that are exhilarating and beautiful

Vancouver is Awesome — Stunning photos of Vancouver BC

As with all new things, I realize that I have to make an effort to learn about it, understand it, USE it, and have fun with it. So, I will keep trying — I know that sooner or later, I will be writing a blog post about my latest obsession — Instagram!!

Now — tell me all about Snapchat…


Brynne’s Daily Drawing #41



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