Comics, Artists, & Talent — It Must Be a Festival!

18 May

Blog Post #39

Are you ready for VanCAF?  You know, the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival, the annual weekend-long celebration of comics that is coming this weekend — Saturday, May 21 to Sunday, May 22. The festival started out with 92 exhibitors and 3200 attendees its first year, in May 2012 and grew to more than 250 exhibitors and 10,000 attendees in 2015. This year’s event will feature 255 exhibitors with 12,000 anticipated attendees.

VanCaf is a curated international festival, all exhibitors go through an extensive application process. The festival is managed and organized by the Vancouver Comic Arts Association, a non-profit organization that strives to connect local comic artists with the community. The festival itself is dedicated to promoting local talent and while it is an international event, almost 80% of it exhibitors are Canadian.

Vancouver Comic Arts Festival is open to everyone, the occasional comic book reader, avid fan, comic professional or anyone who is interested in supporting local comic artists. The event is free to attend and is held at the Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre in Yaletown.

If you find yourself in downtown Vancouver this weekend or you are looking for something different to do — check out Vancouver Comic Arts Festival. My daughter, Brynne, will be there at  table 12 with a sampling of her work, drop by and say hello! Below is a sample page from one of her comic books. She will have this book and much more for sale at the festival.

Sample of Brynne's Graphic Novel "Run"

Visit VanCAF website or take a look at their press kit for news about the festival, special guest artists and more information about this exciting two-day event.


Brynne’s Daily Drawing #39

day 39


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