Very “Pin”teresting! A Collector’s Thoughts

Blog Post #35

You may not remember, but back in November of 2011, I wrote a post about a new obsession. I had just discovered this social network — “Pinterest – the visual bookmarking tool that lets you discover and save creative ideas” — and I soon had pinned many ideas, recipes, things I wanted, things I thought were clever … so many pins.

Today, I have almost 200 “boards” and over 8000 “pins”!! Whaaaaaat!!!

I fear that I am a pin hoarder — collecting many ideas and concepts but doing nothing with them! It is incredibly easy to save all manner of stuff to “the world’s idea catalog” and I still love to keep cool and interesting things that I discover on the web in one handy place — but, seriously — 8000 things??!! When will I ever have the time (or inclination) to cook all the dishes or make all the crafts, sew all the patterns?? Really, when will I ever accomplish even a quarter of the how-to’s or read every “life hack” that I have collected over the past five years?


I really do have some incredibly interesting and fun stuff collecting dust in my Pinterest boards. For example: in my board “1001 Uses For…” you will find links to articles such as — 51 Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide, or 45 Uses For Lemons, and 120 Clever New Uses For Old Things. But while I’m sure it is useful, I haven’t looked at any of this information since I pinned it!

My board “Week Day Vegetarian” has 330 recipes! I may have made 5 of them — for instance, one of my favourites that I do make fairly often is Lentils With Eggs and Greens.  Although, I do frequently visit my Pinterest boards when planning meals, it is safe to say that I will never make even half of the recipes that I have stored in any of my recipe boards.

There are 112 pins in my “Yoga” board, but my yoga practice is sketchy to say the least!

I have a few boards with fewer than 5 items in each — but even those are just well —there. I haven’t looked at them — not even once! Makes me wonder why I even pinned them! A case in point, my board “Brainstorm” has just 2 pins: 11 Ways To Get Through Work After An All-Nighter, According To Science and 24 Daily Habits That Will Make You Smarter  but I haven’t read either of them.

Okay… I just had a quick peek at both of these articles when I was getting the links. They ARE interesting — I’m going to have a closer look at these ideas, right after I finish this blog post!

Pin hoarder — that is what I have become!! I can’t help myself — it definitely is an obsession! The first thing I do whenever I come across something I find interesting, clever or fun — is pin it! Maybe I need some serious professional help!!

However, I am not likely to change anytime soon. But awareness is the first step, right?  I am going to make a concerted effort to at least attempt to explore the varied and wonderful stuff I have collected in my Pinterest boards. I’ll let you know if I feel smarter after I try the 24 Daily Habits mentioned above!

Also, I have a baby shower to go to soon, and I am planning on sewing something as a gift. I’m thinking maybe a onesie, simple pajamas or a light blanket or two might be nice (and easy!). Perhaps something like this cute onesie I found pinned in my “Oh, Baby” board. I will definitely post photos if when this project is completed!


For dinner, tomorrow night, I will make Frank’s Famous Spaghetti Sauce, a recipe that I found on my board “Mangiare a Sazietà”

Maybe, I will feel less of a hoarder when I start actually using some of my pins to lead me to wonderful discoveries! As I’ve said before: “Just do it!” I’ll keep you posted.

Oh, and if you want to know a little about what interests me — follow me on Pinterest!


Brynne’s Daily Drawing #35



1 thought on “Very “Pin”teresting! A Collector’s Thoughts”

  1. You save all the pins and boards because… Someday! You just know that one day, or year, down the road you are going to NEEEED that pin! Lol, from one pin hoarder to another. ❤

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