What’s Trending on Twitter?

11 May

Blog Post #32

Today’s post is short and sweet, well, it’s short! I’m tired and it is getting late — my cozy, comfy bed is calling my name. I’m finding it quite difficult to resist falling into the clean, crisp sheets, laying my head on the soft pillow and drifting off to dreamland…

Have you heard about this #RemoveALetterSpoilABook? It’s trending on Twitter right now and it is hilarious. You can check out 21 of the tweets over at Buzzfeed. Below are a select few taken from Buzzfeed’s curated list.

Here’s Waldo! (Where’s Waldo?)

Fahrenheit 51 — the temperature when all you need is a light jacket  (Fahrenheit 451)

A Brief History of Tim (A Brief History of Time)

Laughter House 5 (Slaughter House 5)

Oh, the Place You Will Go! (Oh, the Places You’ll Go)

The Princess Brie (The Princess Bride)

These crack me up – so funny and so clever. Reading them makes me want to try my hand at this game.

It is harder than it seems…but I’ll give it a whirl.


Animal Arm (Animal Farm)

Of Mice and Me (Of Mice and Men)

The Poisonwood Bile (The Poisonwood Bible)

[YAWN!] Okay, that’s it! My head was resting on my keyboard and I think I was drooling!! Definitely time for sleep… Goodnight All! I will be back tomorrow.


Brynne’s Daily Drawing #32

Day 32


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