A Few of My Favourite Things — A Short List

Blog Post #24

I recently wrote a post a while back listing 20 things you would never guess about me. This started me thinking about all the different lists we compile.

We make wish lists, shopping lists, bucket lists, phone lists, chore lists, waiting lists and more. Even my book club has lists: a current book list, an archived book list and a back-up book list.

I make A LOT of lists — some of them are even on paper. Included in my own lists are:  a must-read list, an appointment list, important dates list, a Christmas list, and of course, a “to-do list”.

One list I like best is the record of my favourite things. Being me, my favourite things index is quite long and completely fluid. By that I mean, that my favourite things list is changeable and always growing!  Since I love to share, here is a short list of some of my favourite things (in no particular order).

A Few of My Favourite Things

My favourite VlogsShoes

I must confess that shoes are a big love of mine. I don’t have the largest collection of footwear, but I do have a LOT of shoes. One of my favourite events is The Ronson’s Shoe Sale – Every Pair of Shoes for $39.99. This fantastic sale is held twice a year — in November and in May. I am so excited for the sale coming May 28 and 29!

On my wish list: a pair of Fluevog’s. I would love any pair of Vogs, but my #1 pick is the Elisabetta (shown above). Gothic Meets Chic — *swoon! Somebody buy me these! Please!!

Amaretto Ice cream

Yum — creamy smooth, decadently amaretto flavoured! The BEST ice cream, especially if it is gelato, that’s ice cream — Italian style. If you can’t find it at your favourite ice cream parlour, you can make your own. Try this recipe!

This dance mashup!

Michael Binder put together dance scenes from movies of the Golden Age of Cinema matched up to the pop hit “Uptown Funk”. This is a fantastic video that is very well done and so much fun to watch. It features dance legends Gene Kelly, Shirley Temple, Judy Garland, and Fred Astaire to name a few dancing to a hit song from 2015! Watch it below:


The New York Times Daily Crossword

The one thing that I miss about cancelling our daily newspaper subscription, is the New York Times crossword. I love doing these puzzles and the NY Times daily crossword was an important part of my morning routine, back when I had a leisurely two hour window to get ready for work. Every morning, I would make my coffee and work the puzzle, starting on Monday (the easiest crossword) and working through the week’s worth, ending on Saturday (the hardest puzzle) My goal every week was to solve every one. I didn’t finish most of the Saturday offerings, but I did finish enough to keep me trying.




I look at these vibrant, yellow flowers and immediately think of sunshine, happiness and warm summer days. The cheery petals never fail to make me smile and the plant brightens up a backyard or enliwwellvens any room when cut and placed in a pretty vase.

So there you have it, a short list of my faves  — well, five of my favourite things. What about you? What’s on your list of favourite things?


Brynne’s Daily Drawing #24

Brynne's Daily Drawing #24


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