Back To Nature

Blog Post #17

Today was absolutely gorgeous! Blue skies, bright sunshine and a lovely summery feel.  A perfect day to get outside and enjoy some fresh air.

We ended up at Tynehead Regional Park — a beautiful 260 hectares of resplendent meadow and forest, a natural habitat for songbirds, owls, hawks, coyotes, beavers and other wildlife. The park is also home to the Tynehead Hatchery. Situated on the banks of the Serpentine River, the hatchery includes incubation and hatching tanks, a coho rearing  pond, and maturing tubs. Tynehead Hatchery is completely run by volunteers who maintain the facility year-round and release 250,000 salmon back into the river every year.

Coho Rearing Pond
Coho Rearing Pond
Serpentine River
Serpentine River
Serpentine River

This afternoon, walking around the park, exploring the hatchery, and taking photos,  I felt so  in tune with nature — soaking up the sun, the scents of the earth, the magnificence of the trees, and the delicate fragrance of the meadow flowers.

It was quiet, only the rustling of the leaves and the occasional trill of a bird broke the serenity of the trail. Some parts of this walk seemed other-worldly — lacy, mossy greenery dripping from gnarled and twisted branches; overhanging veils of moss cascading above the curving path. The quietude emanating a spiritual air.

Strolling through the park
Strolling Through the Park
towering tree
Towering Tree
Tynehead Regional Park
Tynehead Regional Park
Beautiful Red Cedar
Beautiful Red Cedar

When I am in the midst of nature, I feel a powerful sense of rejuvenation and an incredible joy fills my being.  Time seems to slow down and I feel my connection to all living things. I am awed and humbled by the full majesty of the world around me. I know with certainty that I belong here and am a part of everything I see. I am grateful for the quiet, the beauty, and the peace that is Mother Nature.


Brynne’s Daily Drawing #17

Brynne's Daily Drawing #17





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