20 Things You Would Never Guess About Me!

8 Apr

Blog Post #16

Seriously, why did I decide to do a blog post a day?? It’s HARD!!  So hard to come up with a new idea every day.

I read somewhere that lists are great things to post on a blog and today as we were on our way to visit Bruce’s mother, I had a brilliant idea — I would compile a list of 20 things that I love! When I got home and thought about it, the idea morphed into 2o things about me. I googled that title and found out it’s a thing. Of course it is! So much for original thought, right?

Well, the day is almost over, I only have about 15 minutes to publish this piece so I’m going with the list. Read below to discover 2o things about me — in no particular order.

1.  I love peanut butter and banana toast — I eat it at least once a week.

2. When I was six, I was upset with my mom for not naming me Jane.

3. My love affair with reading began as soon as I learned to read. Whenever my younger brother and I would go to the public library to check out books, I would take out as many as I could and make him carry them for me. I would be so excited about my books that I would sit down on the sidewalk and read one right there, while my brother waited for me to continue on our way home. As mad as he would be, he would never leave me. Could that be why he hates to read?

4. I love the song “Hello, It’s Me” by Adele — her voice — what else is there to say.

5. I have two cats — Phoebe and Tigger. Below is a photo of them when they were kittens. They are now 17 years old.


6. I love the colour lime green, but never wear it because I think it looks hideous on me.

7. When we were first married, my husband and I were both unemployed. I was secretly worried that we would become homeless people and having a full fridge made me feel safe and happy.

8. My mom loved to sew and she would make us matching “mother/daughter” dresses. I don’t think I appreciated that as much as I should have. I can still picture them in my mind today.

9. I love coffee especially made in a French press. My favourite café coffee is from JJ Bean — I drink more Starbucks coffee (my second choice), but that is because there aren’t any JJ’s near me.

10. I love the TV show iZombie, but I have never watched an episode of Walking Dead.

11. I used to think (feel) that I was 5’7, but I’m actually 5’4. I still get surprised when I realize that I am SHORT!

12. I love to sing and dance — but I’m terrible at both.

13. When we subscribed to the newspaper, I used to do the daily crossword. It was always a big thrill when I could complete the Saturday puzzle – it didn’t happen very often. The Saturday puzzle is always difficult!

14. I am named for both of my grandmothers, Katherine and Grace.

15. One of my pet peeves is when people don’t put their grocery carts in the cart stall properly. Honestly, people, how hard is it to walk your cart right into the stall and push it into the next cart. This is especially irksome to me at Costco, where sometimes the carts roll into the roadway.
shopping carts

16. The book club I belong to will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year. We read 10 books a year — we will have read 200 books when we meet in September!

17. I’m not a big drinker, but every now and then I love a nice glass of a robust, gutsy red – like Bishop Cellars 7 Deadly Zins.

18. I love a good bargain and when it’s bargain on shoes — well that’s heaven! My favourite shoe sale is Ronson’s Semi-Annual Every Shoe for $39.99 Sale!

19. When our daughters were young, we did a family art project every summer. One year when the girls were 8 and 11, the four of us (my husband included) sewed I Spy quilts.

20. Every year, at some point in the Christmas season, I watch Miracle on 34th Street (the original) and It’s A Wonderful Life — my all-time favourite Christmas movies. Every year, I cry watching It’s A Wonderful Life.

That’s my list — what’s on your list of Things I Don’t Know About You?


Brynne’s Daily Drawing #16

Brynne's Daily Drawing #16


Bonus Drawing!

Brynne's Daily Drawing - BONUS DRAWING!!


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