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7 Apr

Blog Post #15

(This blog post is actually a review that I wrote on Yelp. I am reposting this article here, because, well, I’m a bit tired and a little lazy. But the sushi is worth a reblog!!! The restaurant is located at Strawberry Hill Shopping Centre – 122 – 12101 72nd Avenue, Surrey, BC)

Agedashi Tofu

Kami Sushi in Strawberry Hill is our favourite Japanese restaurant. We have been there several times and we have had an excellent experience every visit.

One recent Friday evening, (Friday is our usual date night – sometimes shopping, usually dinner, always Starbucks), we had a hankering for Japanese, so we made Kami our first stop.

We were met at the door by a smiling hostess who showed us to our table. The servers at Kami are always friendly and helpful. They are attentive without being intrusive, always ready to refill teacups and answer questions.

We decided to have a light meal. This time instead of ordering our usual fare — appetizer, two gourmet rolls, a side dish plus seafood udon — we chose three items to share: Agedashi Tofu, Sashimi, and Yaki Udon.

We were not disappointed — our dishes arrived in a timely manner, and they were elegantly plated — almost too pretty to eat (but we were hungry so had no problem digging in!).

The tofu dish was delicious — deep fried – but not greasy, crispy on the outside, delightfully hot and soft on the inside, served with a tasty house dipping sauce — this is one of my favourite ways to eat tofu. Definitely worth a try, if you like tofu or even if you have never tried it.

The sashimi came with two pieces of salmon and three pieces of tuna. The fish was fresh and had a nice firm texture. It was beautifully arranged on a bed of daikon and garnished with a single shiso leaf. And in a word…heavenly! (A note on the Shiso leaf — Shiso is the Japanese name for the herb, Perilla, a member of the mint family. I had never tried to eat a garnish before, but the leaf looked so inviting that I tore a tiny piece and tasted it. To my delight, it was piquant, a bit spicy with a unique, fresh flavour that is difficult to describe. I think it would add a delicious zest to any salad or vegetable dish. I hope that I can find a market that stocks this lovely herb!}

The Seafood Yaki Udon was excellently prepared, and mouth-watering. I loved the udon noodles, and the seafood in the mix was so delicious. I enjoyed this dish a lot, the only small criticism I have is that there could have been a bit more seafood. However, that may have been due to availability.

If you are looking for a great Japanese restaurant that specializes in Japanese fusion cuisine, try Kami at Strawberry Hill — I highly recommend it!


Brynne’s Daily Drawing #15

Brynne's Daily Drawing #15


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