A Crafty Little Bunny!

Blog Post #11

I did it! I finished the little craft project I wrote about yesterday… remember? The little bunny?


It didn’t take too long (as I suspected), but I did run into a couple of snags. First of all, I had everything I needed to sew this crazy rabbit. Most of it came in the gift pack — except the stuffing, but I had that in my craft stash.

What I was missing was the pattern and the instructions…but I knew that those must be in the magazine that the project came in. Now I have a lot of magazines — A LOT! — and I didn’t feel like hunting through my collection for Mollie Makes Issue 40.

So what’s a lazy girl to do? That’s right — go straight to her BFF, Google! I quickly found the template for this cute little stuffie — and printed it out, but I was still missing the instructions. I cut out the pieces and thought to myself “This looks fairly simple, I can figure this out myself!”

Sure enough, it was small and easy to hand sew together. I was soon done except for the adorable pom pom tail. That’s when I decided to look for the magazine because I was pretty sure it would tell me how to make that one last thing.

So… I dug out Issue 40, which was easy to find — surprisingly! I turned to the page of instructions and then realized that I should have found them BEFORE I cut out the pattern! The template that I printed out was half the size of the pieces printed in the magazine!! Just to tell you, it would have been faster and easier if I had made the thing from the bigger pattern.

Anyway, my bunny is a sweet little thing and it turned out lovely!

Bunny in a pot

Oh, yes, the second snag! I could find only one of the buttons needed for the eyes so I did my own thing! What do you think?


Brynne’s Daily Drawing #11

Brynne's Daily Drawing #11



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